Tsum Valley and Manaslu Trek -23 Days Elevations is 5,125 M/16,912.5/ft,

Arrival On : Kathmandu Nepal
Accommodation Types : Tea House/Home Stay
Trip Duration : 23 Days
Maximum Group Size : 4-10
Difficulty : Moderate
Land Only Joining City : Kathmandu
Departure From : Kathmandu Nepal

Trip Overview

Tsum Valley (Hidden Valley) is located at an altitude of 1905 to 5093 meters and is rich in Tibetan culture, traditions, and ancient art and mostly untouched by modern civilization. Tsum Valley is bounded by Boudha Himal and Himal Chuli in the west, Ganesh Himal in the south, and Siring Himal (7187m) in the north.


Tsum Valley and Manaslu Trek traverse Larkya-La Pass is one of the most thrilling treks in Nepal that takes to the remotest and pristine areas of Tsum Valley and Manaslu region which have only been recently opened for trekking. While trekking in Tsum Valley allows you to understand the practices of Tibetan Buddhism and also to enjoy the panoramic view of Ganesh Himal range, trekking in the Manaslu region allows you to walk around the eighth highest mountain in the world, Manaslu (8163m). Tsum Valley and Manaslu Trek is a journey on the quiet and quaint trails of the Himalayas.


Tsum Valley and around Manaslu Trek start with a picturesque ride through the hills that leads to Soti Khola. The Tsum Valley and Manaslu trekking trail pass many ridges and villages while ascending and descending alongside Budhi Gandaki River. Attractions of Tsum Valley include Milarepa’s cave, a sacred cave with Buddhist paintings, and the nunneries of Rachen Gompa, Mu Gompa, and Gumba Lungdang, where trekkers are welcomed at the evening puja. The trekkers also reach Ganesh Himal Base Camp and relish the panoramic view of Ganesh Himal range. Then, the trail connects to the Manaslu circuit and ascends through several villages of different ethnicities with a ravishing view of the Manaslu range along with other surrounding Himalayas. One of the highlights of the trek is walking through Larkya Glacier to cross the longest mountain pass of Nepal, Larkya-La (5160m). The trail then descends following the trails of Marshyangdi River to reach Jagat, from where you drive back to Kathmandu.


Swiss Family Treks and Expedition organizes tours and treks all over Nepal. We encourage the adventurers to conquer the road less taken and trek into the remote areas of Nepal. With our highly experienced and friendly guide, the trek is undoubtedly going to be exciting and will give you the best experience and memories to last a lifetime. We provide you with decent accommodations throughout the trek and provide you a private land cruiser for the off-road drives.



  • Gorges Budhi Gandaki river valley views the natural beauty of flora and fauna.
  • Friendly people, the rich culture of the Tibetan Larkya La Pass (5167 meters), is the highest pass during the trek.Stunning view of some of the highest peaks Mt Manaslu, The permit cost of the Manaslu Tsum Valley region.
  • Tsum Valley special permits, USD 40 per person per week from September –November, and U$D 30 per person per week from December – August.Manaslu special permit, USD 100 per person per week from September –November, and U$D 75 per person per week from December – August.MCAP permits USD 30 per person one time ACAP permit USD 30 per person one time TIMS permits USD 20 per person one time.
  • Physical fitness to do this trek The Tsum Valley Trek in Nepal is a challenging trek that requires a good level of physical fitness and endurance. The trek takes you through high mountain passes, steep ascents and descents, and rugged terrain, which can be physically demanding.
  • To undertake the Tsum Valley Trek, you should have a good level of fitness, which includes regular cardio exercises, such as running, cycling, or swimming, and strength training exercises to strengthen yourcore, legs, and upper body. You should also be comfortable walking for several hours a day with a backpack and have experience hiking on steep and uneven terrain.
  • It is recommended that you start preparing for the trek at least a few months in advance by following a regular exercise routine and building up your endurance gradually. Additionally, it is essential to acclimatize to the high altitude, which can be done by taking rest days and ascending slowly. Overall, if you have a good level of fitness, have experience hiking on challenging terrain, and prepare adequately for the trek, you should be able to enjoy the Tsum Valley Trek and the stunning scenery it has to offer.
  • If you are interested in exploring the Manaslu Tsum Valley circuit, then we are here as a local agency such as Nepal Wilderness Trek. We offer high-quality, personalized trips to the peak. All our services are available at a fraction of the cost elsewhere. The Manaslu Tsum Valley trek venture takes about 20 days and involves going on foot and climbing steep uphill paths and glaciers.

Short Itinerary

Day 01:

Arrival in Kathmandu 1400m//4620ft

Day 02:

Restricted Area Permit procedure and Guided Sightseeing tour in Kathmandu Valley

Day 03:

Drives from kathmandu To Machha Khola 870m/ 2871ft/ 7,8 Hours.

Day 04:

Trek To Jagat /1410m,/4,653ft/ 6 Hours.

Day 05:

Trek from Jagat to Lokpa/ 2240m/ 7,392ft/ 6-7 hours

Day 06:

Trek To Chumling /2700m/8910ft/ 5 To 6 Hours.

Day 07:

Trek To Chhekampar (2960mtr) 5 Hours.

Day 08:

Trek To Mugomba /3800 M/12,540ft/ 5 Hours

Day 09:

Trek Back To Chhekampar /2960 M/9768ft/ 4 Hours.

Day 10:

Trek To Lokpa /2240 M/7,392ft/ 6 Hours.

Day 11:

Trek To Deng /1800 M/5940ft/ 5 Hours.

Day 12:

Trek To Ghap /2160 M/7,128ft/ 4 To 5 Hours.

Day 13:

Trek To Lho Gaun /3180 M/10,494ft/ 5 To 6 Hours .

Day 14:

Trek To Sama Gaun / Sama Gompa /3520M/11.616ft/ 3 Hours.

Day 15:

Trek from Lho to Samagaon /3530m/11649ft/3-4 hours 3520

Day 16:

Acclimatization day - Hiking to Manaslu Base Camp /4400m/14,520ft/8 hours

Day 17:

Trek from Samagaon to Samdo /3875m/12,787.5ft/3-4 hours

Day 18:

Trek from Samdo to Dharamsala /4460m/14,718ft/3-4 hours

Day 19:

Trek from Dharamsala via Larkya-La Pass /5200m/17,160ft/to Bimthang /3590m/11,847ft/7-8 hours

Day 20:

Trek from Bimtang to Dharapani /1860m/6,138ft/6-7 hours

Day 21:

Trek from Dharapani to Jagat 1400/4620ft/5-6 hours

Day 22:

Drive from Jagat to Kathmandu by private vehicle 7-8 hours

Day 23:

Final Departure from Kathmandu to Home.


Day 01 Arrival in Kathmandu 1338m
Overnight: At a 4-star hotel in Kathmandu.


Upon arrival in Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu, you will be greeted by our representatives and will be taken to hotel. Feel free to explore the capital city.


Day 02 Restricted Area Permit procedure and Guided Sightseeing tour in Kathmandu Valley
Overnight: At a 4-star hotel in Kathmandu.

As we acquire restricted area permits for you, we will proceed necessary permits for you. At the same time, our tour guide will take you on an excursion of the UNESCO listed World Heritage Sites of Kathmandu Valley. Starting with the Buddhist stupa of Swayambhunath, you’ll visit the Hindu shrine of Pashupatinath, and another Buddhist stupa of Boudhanath. Later, we discuss the dos and don’ts of the trip.

Day 03 Drive from Kathmandu to Machha Khola 870m by private vehicle 7-8 hours
Overnight: At a lodge in Machha Khola.

A westward picturesque ride along the Prithvi Highway, via the lush hills, leads us to Malekhu. Then, driving past Dhading Besi, the road turns curvy and leads us uphill to Gola Bhanjyang where enthralling views of snow-capped mountain peaks can be seen. The road then goes downhill to cross Ankhu Khola, and later, at Arughat, we meet Budhi Gandaki River. A further drive up the west bank of Budhi Gandaki River finally brings us to Machha Khola.

Day 04 Trek from Machha to Jagat 1410m/6-7 hours
Overnight: At a lodge in Jagat.

After breakfast, we move forward through the narrow tracks on a meandering trail. After passing Tharo Khola, we reach Tatopani. Following the trails of Budhi Gandaki River and walking past a landslide-prone area, we cross the village of Dobhan and Yaruphant. Crossing the suspension bridge over Budhi Gandaki River, we enter Manaslu Conservation Area to walk on a stone paved trail to arrive in Jagat.

Day 05 Trek from Jagat to Lokpa 2240m/6-7 hours
Overnight: At a lodge in Lokpa.

Today we enter the constrained region of Manaslu and Tsum Valley. Leaving Jagat, we start walking on the riverbank of Budhi Gandaki past the settlements of Salleri, Sirdibas, and Philim. Enjoying the view of Shringi Himal (7161m), we register ourselves at the checkpoint in Philim before heading on to Ekle Bhatti. Still walking alongside Budhi Gandaki River, we arrive at a waterfall before entering the village of Lokpa.

Day 06 Trek from Lokpa to Chumling 2386m/4-5 hours
Overnight: At a lodge in Chumling.

You will begin descending through the forest and cross a stream on a bridge. You will then ascend steeply on the stairs and trek on the north side through the rhododendron and pine forest. You will then descend towards Bhatti Ghumlong and again ascend steeply to Ripchet. You will cross the Siyar Khola on a dangerous wooden bridge and ascend towards Chumling.

Day 07 Trek from Chumling to Chhokang Paro 3031m/4-5 hours
Overnight: At a lodge in Chhokang Paro.

You will begin trekking by crossing the suspension bridge and go through the field of potatoes and maize. You will see beautiful views of Ganesh Himal (7,422 m) and its neighboring peaks. Further ahead, you cross a long suspension bridge and Serpu Khola to ascend gradually and finally arrive at Chhokang Paro Village. If the weather is clear, you will get to see amazing views of Mt. Himalchuli (7,893 m) from here.

Day 08 Trek from Chhokang Paro to Nile 3361m/4-5 hours
Overnight: At a lodge in Nile.

You will head was through the small villages and ascend towards a ridge and reach to the huge courtyard of the Rachen Gompa (3,240 m). You will then ascend and visit Milarepa’s Cave and further, cross the Siyar Khola. You will go through the hamlets of Phurbe and Pangdun and reach the Chhule Village.  You will then trek towards the upstream to cross the bridge and ascend to the Nile.

Day 09 Trek from Nile to Mu Gompa 3700m and back to Chhokang Paro 3031m/6-7 hours
Overnight: At a lodge in Chhokang Paro.

You will wake up early in the morning and trek along the west bank of the river. You will ascend to the huge Mu Gompa with the beautiful views of Chortens and Tibetan mountains. You will also visit Dephyudonma Gompa on the way and return back to the Chhule. Further, you will continue trekking until you reach the bridge on the west bank. You will cross the bridge and descend down to Chhokang Paro.

Day 10 Trek from Chhokangparo to Gumba Lungdang 3200m/5-6 hours
Overnight: At a monastery in Gumba Lungdang.

Move downhill on a narrow track via the village and to a wooden bridge over Shiar Khola. Cross the bridge to reach Domje, and then, ascend steeply on an unclear path through pines and rhododendrons until the path arrives at the Mani wall with prayer flags. Finally, make a vertical twist and climb through huge pine forest to reach Gumba Lungdang (3200m), a small nunnery on the foothills of the Himalayas. Astonishing view of the Ganesh Himal range and the other Himalayas can be seen from Gumba Lungdang.

Day 11 Day trip to Ganesh Himal Base Camp 4500m/7-8 hours
Overnight: At a monastery in Gumba Lungdang.

Cross Langdang Khola and climb steeply on a rough unclear track through the forest of pines and rhododendrons. Upon arrival in Landan Kharka, we walk on the parallel moraine of Torogumba Glacier. Walking on the steep, icy, and slippery trails of Torogumba Glacier, we arrive in Torogumba Kharka before reaching Ganesh Himal Base Camp. From the base camp, a breathtaking view of the Ganesh Himal range can be observed.  Later, hike back to Gumba Lungdang and attend the night puja.

Day 12 Trek from Gumba Lungdang to Lokpa 2240/7-8 hours
Overnight: At a lodge in Lokpa.

Today, we retrace our way back to Lokpa following a rising path. Arrive in Domje following Landang Khola and the walk on the south bank of Shiar Khola. Passing several small streams and monasteries, we arrive at a micro-hydropower station in Ripchet. Then, climb down a rock fall area past the small settlement of Gumlung, and walking through the Sarti Gorge, we cross Lungwa Khola to finally arrive in Lokpa.

Day 13 Trek from Lokpa to Ghap 2300m/7-8 hours
Overnight: At a lodge in Ghap.

Cross the suspension bridge over Budhi Gandaki River and leave Lokpa to enter Nyak. Then continue walking uphill on the gorge of Budhi Gandaki River to arrive in the Gurung village f, Deng. Enjoying the view of Shringi Himal (7161m) on the backdrop, we cross Mani walls and several bridges over Budhi Gandaki River to finally arrive in Ghap.

Day 14 Trek from Ghap to Lho 3180m/5-6 hours
Overnight: At a lodge in Lho.

Ascend on a landslide prone trail uphill and cross Mani walls, meadows, and houses through fir, rhododendron and oak forests before climbing to Lihi. Continue the walk uphill past the village of Sho, from where you walk on a landslide area to reach the small village of Lho. There are outstanding views of Manaslu (8163m), Himal Chuli (7893m), Ngadi Chuli (7971m), and other surrounding mountains throughout the trek.

Day 15 Trek from Lho to Samagaon 3520m/3-4 hours
Overnight: At a lodge in Samagaon.

Climbing alongside Budhi Gandaki River, we pass several small monasteries and Chortens enjoying the view of Manaslu massif and arrive in Shyala. The track then passes a bridge over Numla Khola that flows from the Punggen Glacier. Descend to the broad valley, cross a school and a large Chorten that leads to a series of houses with front yards that form the main portion of Sama. The Pema Chyoling Lhakang Monastery is at the end of the village against the moraines of Manaslu Glacier. View of the Manaslu range, Naike Peak (6211m), and Larkya Peak (6249m) are seen from Samagaon.

Day 16 Acclimatization day - Hiking to Manaslu Base Camp 4400m/8 hours
Overnight: At a lodge in Samagaon.

This day is set for you to rest and get adjusted to the high altitude. There are various places to visit in Samagaon like Birendra Tal or Anie Gompa. Afterward, the team will hike up to Manaslu Base Camp. From the base camp, you get a wonderful view of Mt Manaslu (8156m).  After spending some time at the base camp, you return back to Samagaon for the overnight stay.

Day 17 Trek from Samagaon to Samdo 3875m/3-4 hours
Overnight: At a lodge in Samdo.

Descend towards Budhi Gandaki River, that has turned north, and pass the track that leads to Birendra Tal and Manaslu Base Camp. This is an easy track above the river via juniper and birch forests that bound Kermo Kharka. Further on, the trail ascends to pass Budhi Gandaki River through a wooden bridge and continue walking on the riverbed before crossing the Mani walls to reach Samdo. Enjoy the view of Samdo Peak (6335m) and its amazing glacial basin to the east, the Sama Valley and its arrays to the south, while to the west is a bird’s eye view of the northern Syacha Glacier from Manaslu.

Day 18 Trek from Samdo to Dharamsala 4460m/3-4 hours
Overnight: At a lodge in Dharamsala.

Cross the northern village fields to reach Budhi Gandaki River for the last time at the Larkya Bazaar site. The river moves north up the Pana Danda Valley. Walk along the westward track above Syacha Glacier. The source of the Syacha Glacier that goes downhill from the Manaslu North point comes into sight. The trail ascends up the gorge towards the Larkya Glacier outside the Larkya La Phedi in Dharamsala. Dharamsala offers a great view of Larkya Peak (6249m) and Naike Peak (6211m).

Day 19 Trek from Dharamsalavia Larkya-La Pass 5200m to Bimthang 3590m/7-8 hours
Overnight: At a lodge in Bimthang.

From Dharamsala, the trail ascends to a ridge followed by a slow climb to the vast and untidy moraine of Larkya Glacier. A short walk leads to a gorge followed by a descent to the first of four small scattered frozen lakes. Finally walking through Larkya Glacier, we reach Larkya-La Pass (5160m), which is the longest mountain pass in Nepal. Enjoy the mountain-view comprised of Cheo Himal (6812m), Himlung (7126m), Gyaji Kung (7030m), Kangguru (6981m), and Annapurna II (7937m) seen from the top of Larkya-La. Descend to Dangboche Kharka, from where the track follows the curve of the side moraine of the Salpudanda Glacier into the beautiful Bimthang Valley.

Day 20 Trek from Bimtang to Dharapani 1860m/6-7 hours
Overnight: At a lodge in Dharapani.

Descend from Bimthang to cross the stony glacier to reach the pristine rhododendron and pine forest. The trail goes downhill along the west bank of Dudh Khola as we pass Hompuk and Sangure Kharka before going down to the highest cultivated land at Kharche. Trek through the forested land to the Gurung village of Tilje, then, descend rapidly towards Marsayangdi Valley through the scrub forest. Pass the west bank just before Thonje, and then, cross Marsayangdi River to arrive in Dharapani.

Day 21 Trek from Dharapani to Jagat 1400/5-6 hours
Overnight: At a lodge in Jagat

Today is the last day of trekking as we walk down to Syange following Marsayangdi River downstream. We walk through a landslide, through Mani walls, through the thatch housed village of Tall, through waterfalls, and through the settlements of Sattale, Chamje, and finally arrive in Jagat, situated on the bank of Marsyangdi River.

Day 22 Drive from Jagat to Kathmandu by private vehicle 7-8

We take a long drive, through the lush hills and bumpy roads with countryside views back, to Kathmandu today. Upon arrival, you can either rest or shop around the city. You can also taste the local food of Kathmandu. Overnight at a 4-star hotel in Kathmandu.


Day 23 Final Departure from Kathmandu

You will be taken to Tribhuvan International Airport 3 hours before the scheduled time of your flight back home.


  • Arrival & Departure Transport By private Car/Van/Bus.
  • Three meals a day during the Trekking (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner)
  • Accommodation in Tea House during the Trekking.
  • Trekking Porters if needed with Insurance
  • Day sightseeing around Kathmandu Valley, car/van/bus and tour guide
  • All needed Government fees.
  • Kathmandu city and trekking maps.
  • International Airfare.
  • Food in Kathmandu(City) lunch and dinner.
  • Your travel insurance and Sightseeing entrance fees in Kathmandu
  • Any kind of drink. (tea, coffee, hard and soft drinks, Drinking water, etc)
  • Tips for Guide and Porters
  • Extra night accommodation in Kathmandu (late departure or early arrival from the mountains.
  • Donation Items of personal expenses like hot shower, battery charge, telephone etc.

Trip Information

 Trip Pricing for Group Size Basis: (Private Trip)

  • All inclusive Trek Price for 2 trekkers basis; USD 2430 per person
  • All inclusive Trek Price for 4  trekkers basis; USD 2835 per person


 Trip Price for Group Joining Basis: (Min. 4 Pax and Max. 10 Pax)

  • All-inclusive Trip Price; USD 2550 Per Person
  • Single Supplement; USD 355 (Single Room throughout the trip)


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Customize Your Trek: This is a general itinerary, which can always individually be “tailormade”. The trek package can be redesigned or redeveloped as per your taste, for more information please e-mail us at info@smartmountainadventure.com

Map & Elevation

Map & Elevation




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